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The Mortgage Planning Difference

How is working with a Mortgage Planner different and why should I care? 

There is a big difference as summarized below and the value is unparalleled because working with a referral based mortgage planner costs the same as working with anyone else.

The Mortgage planner's purpose is to work with you for as long as you have a home and a need for a mortgage. Calling Quicken Loans is not the same. They are a transactional based, profit motivated company that will originate and close a loan for you, they are friendly and offer good service but beyond that they will do nothing more except service your loan.

Focused on helping you to succeed; what’s important is helping you achieve your goals. Working together you will feel secure in knowing you always have a true mortgage professional in your corner and staying in touch with you to make sure you stay on track to accomplish your goals is part of the job.

Having someone you know and TRUST. You could think of your Mortgage Planner as your trusted guide who is helping you to climb to the top of your mountain. You are the one taking each new step on the climb but your MP will advise you with an integrated plan encompassing all your family and financial goals.

Working directly with the other trusted advisors on your team; A Mortgage Planner understands that your family and the home they live in is the financial centerpiece and the single most important asset you own. The equity in your home is a powerful tool and if understood properly can be used to work together with the other things that are important to you and you are working towards. This means by working directly with your financial advisor, realtor, CPA, and other team members, we all work together with your family to meet your goals and dreams.  

Here for you, not the other way around. The job is to listen to you about what you want to accomplish and help you to take action. Planners generally do not have supervisors and production managers that monitor how many loans they are originating. They do not set profit and sales orientated goals. My satisfaction comes when I help someone get their first home, free up hundreds in extra cash flow, set up a wealth creation account putting idle equity dollars to work for you and your family, helping you to become debt free and growing your balance sheet so you can one day have enough money to pay off your home if you choose to do so. 

Not going anywhere; tomorrow and 15 years from now. Your mortgage planner will answer the phone and reply to your emails, communicate with you exactly what’s happening with your loan during the process and when there is turbulence during the transaction, work with you to solve problems and get the loan closed. A mortgage planner will stay in touch with you after the new loan closes and when there is opportunity to improve on what you’re already doing they show you any new options.