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About Brigitte Archer, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP)

I’m the founder and CEO of Oxford Mortgage, Inc , and I’ve closed over $925M in mortgage loans in banking and mortgage brokerage sectors. My NMLS License is sponsored by C2 Financial, Inc. C2 Financial is the nation's largest and #1 mortgage brokerage!

I love all the opportunities that working with C2 Financial Corporation provides my Clients and the Realtors, Financial Professionals and Builders that I meet. Simply put, I’m a qualified and passionate professional that thrives upon my ability to help others.

I’ve always been passionate about travel and music, especially jazz, so I strive to turn the stresses and fears about retirement into harmonious retirement mortgage music.

Our Vision

Our Titles vary. We are mortgage consultants, loan originators, loan officers, and mortgage brokers.

What does not vary is that every day, borrowers like you entrust us with one of the most important financial decisions of your life, that if not executed properly can have long-lasting repercussions as was witnessed in 2008 during the mortgage meltdown.

We know that despite our best efforts and the government's best efforts to regulate the mortgage industry, our borrowers are too busy to review every line of every single document. Our borrowers trust us as their mortgage advisor and that what they are signing is in their best interest.

We do not take that responsibility lightly. We do what is in the best interest for you, our client, not what is best for our pocketbook as some other brokers before us have done. We know by doing this, we not only are doing what is morally and ethically right, but we know this belief system will result in our borrowers referring us additional clients, the underpinnings of a long-term relationship.