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Starting Point

Having a highly qualified Mortgage Planning Specialist in your corner is vital as you embark on the home buying journey. Your consultant will ask you questions to help you identify your short term and long term goals. They will give you qualified advise and guidance on what the best course of action could be as a next step. Then they will help you craft a long term plan that's in line with your goals, objectives, and dreams.
To start things off, these key and foundational questions should be asked out of the gate when thinking about your next steps towards home ownership:
What am I really trying to accomplish with my housing situation?

What goals and outcomes are you trying to achieve for you and your family?

Is it better to buy a home right now or rent a home?

What happens for you if you buy your home now vs. continuing to rent? Oftentimes, buying a home sets you up to meet other financial goals and dreams. You'll be listened to and guidance will be given when working with a Mortgage Planner.

Working together with you, we will address how a new mortgage will impact your life. As your consultant, some things I would want to address with you are:
  1. Making sure what you are doing fits into your short-term and long-term budget.
  2. Reviewing which mortgage and home buying strategy will result in less overall financial risk.
  3. How making a new financial decision impacts other areas of your life.

Now, lets cover these key factors in preparation of your home purchasing experience:
  • Credit score
  • Debt & income
  • Down payment & closing costs
  • Housing market
  • The Process