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The Process

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Here is a overview of the process

  • Get pre approved
  • Find house with realtor and make offer
  • Get offer accepted
  • Open escrow and put down a deposit from verified account. MP will explain this to you
  • Order and review inspections
  • Conditional loan approval
  • Order and review appraisal
  • Any renegotiations will be done here at this time if there are issues such as repairs to home or value not coming in on appraisal
  • Final sign off on loan
  • Closing Disclosure goes out
  • Final walkthrough home to be sure all conditions and agreements are met
  • Loan and closing docs are ordered and sent to title
  • You sign your docs and any funding conditions are taken care of within the next 48 hours
  • Your loan funds and new deed is recorded
  • You are now the owner of your new home and you will get your keys from your realtor

How long does all this take once I find a house?

The process of closing can happen in as soon as 3 weeks but can sometimes take longer than 45 days.